Why on earth is global warming a political debate?

Why can’t we just go along and help each other fight global warming?

The answers:


There are businesses who feel like their business will suffer due to regulations on how they conduct business for example, a coal plant forced to lower emissions may become less efficient and therefore less profitable. The coal plant then sends representatives (lobbyists) to represent their point of view to politicians who are voting on bills which impact regulatory standards.

These businesses, wanting their own interests to be represented within the government, make it into a political issue.


Because the way you combat climate change is through the political process. Otherwise, big companies are going to abuse the ‘free-rider’ problem (they don’t incur the cost of their bad practices – the rest of society does). They will continue to pollute with no concern for the environment. Some would say this is the correct course of action for big companies. Their only obligation is to maximize the value of their company for their shareholders.

Because governments need to make laws / regulations to help curb global warming, the way in which they do it is very political.


Because it is very much a political issue. You need to change policy to combat climate change in a reasonable amount of time.

Do you really see another way around it?


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