Resurrection Remix Nougat (Zuk Z1 – ham) builds

Hi there! I am compiling Resurrection Remix Nougat for Zuk Z1 for a couple of months now and I end up with a bunch of flashable zips that I don’t even use. Therefore, I decided to put them up into a single page and share them with everyone. I hope you can put these zips into good use!

Types of build:

  • Unrooted
  • Rooted with Magisk

Frequency of build release:

  • Weekly Monthly or;
  • As frequent as I can

Build sources:

This build will not be possible if not from these guys:

  • Device tree is originally from OrdenKrieger
  • Kernel is originally from Acuicultor
  • Proprietary blobs are originally from Acuicultor
  • Resurrection Remix source from Resurrection Remix team
  • Other sources are from LineageOS and AOSP team

Other ROM information:

  • ROM is u-touch enabled (touch fingerprint sensor for home button + swipe actions for back and recents)
  • There will be no Google Apps preinstalled. You can go here if you want to flash Google Apps.

How to download:

  • Click on one of the links below
  • Finish CAPTCHA if any
  • Click Download
  • Click View Here to View Paste
  • Click Download icon in the upper right cornet of the screen

How to install:

  • Copy to phone (Zuk Z1)
  • Reboot to TWRP recovery
  • [Recommended] Wipe system, cache, dalvik cache, data (Clean flash)
  • Flash .zip

Remember, these are unofficial Resurrection Remix Nougat builds and won’t ever have an Over The Air (OTA) update capability enabled. Also, please note that I won’t provide any feature requests or any kind of support for these builds. I just compile ROMs for my personal use. If do not like the build, do not use it.

Disclaimer: There will be a CAPTCHA after you click the download link. Kindly complete the CAPTCHA and click “Click Here to View Paste” to continue to the download location. Please understand that I need to do this to help me continue  put up this website. In addition, this will prevent bots from getting into the download location.

Rootless builds

Rooted with Magisk builds

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