Autostarting XFCE in Arch Linux

If you followed my guide on installing Arch Linux (Part 1, Part 2), you may have noticed that we are continually typing startxfce4 everytime we boot the instance. Here’s a tip on how to do it fast and start XFCE automatically.

Editing the .bashrc

All you have to do to skip typing of startxfce4 is to add the following line in ~/.bashrc.

if [ “$(tty)” = “/dev/tty1” -o “$(tty)” = “/dev/vc/1” ] ; then

To do this, fire up terminal and type

nano ~/.bashrc

Edit .bashrc using terminal

Edit .bashrc using terminal

to fire up nano and edit it using command line. Or you can

  1. Click Home folder
  2. Press CTRL+H to view hidden files
  3. Double click and edit .bashrc
  4. Save
Edit .bashrc using text editor

Edit .bashrc using text editor

Now, do a restart and afterwards you will have your XFCE desktop started after you log in. Enjoy!


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