How to change Ansel screen-shot output location?

Ansel is a NVIDIA exclusive technology which can help you craft awesome in-game  screen-shots. If you like to upload high resolution and meticulously crafted screen-shots, you may want to change your default screen-shot location to a more accessible location. Here’s a guide on how to do it.

Step 1: Head to your NVIDIA Ansel tools folder

Usually, it is located at:

C:/Program Files/NVIDIA Corporation/Ansel/tools

Step 2: Open up the configuration tool

Once you are in the Ansel tools folder, double click the:


and give it administrator permissions if it prompts you.

NVIDIA Ansel configuration tool

NVIDIA Ansel configuration tool

Step 3: Define the new folder location

Change the folder location on the “Snapshots directory” section to your new custom location. Click the Green icon and navigate the new window to your desired folder. Click Save and enjoy!

Source: NVIDIA

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